Speedtalkmobile.com Activate Mobile SIM Card [Updated]

In an era of speeding technology, mobile phones are the most fascinating gadgets that we have in hand. 

Imagine if your mobile phone suddenly breaks or you lose it, staying away from it even for an hour feels like being a fish out of water? Relatable, isn’t it?

Locally and globally, mobile technology has emerged as the prime engine of economic growth responsible for profoundly changing our daily lives. 

One such service provider is SpeedTalk Mobile offering cell phones, GPS Tracker, Smartwatches etc. Selecting the desired plan checks the company’s coverage map. Once done, activate the sim via speedtalkmobile.com/activate.

To know about the activation process, keep reading. . .

All about SpeedTalk Mobile

Research across six countries—the U.S., Germany, South Korea, Brazil, China, and India reveals that consumers derive enormous value from mobile technologies ranging from $700 to $6,000 per user. 

90 percent of 3G and 4G consumers today demand faster data speeds, more coverage and battery life, and various other improvisations.

One such leading provider of cellular technology in the U.S is SpeedTalk Mobile. 

The company offers a variety of flexible wireless plans for cell phones and IoT devices like alarm systems, GPS trackers, and smartwatches. 

However, currently, SpeedTalk Mobile sells wireless service plans without selling any type of device.

SpeedTalk Mobile Exclusives!

Compared to various other service providers in the U.S., SpeedTalk Mobile bears the following exclusives:

  • The lowest prices for Highly secured services
  • Fees for activation, transfer, and change of plan are non-existent.
  • 24/7 customer service support available 
  • SpeedTalk Mobile services are mostly online operated to enable you to monitor your usage efficiently.
  • The service is exclusively available for almost all members of your family. Be it for Kids, parents, or others, plans are customizable to suit everyone’s interests.

Let’s activate SpeedTalk Mobile via speedtalkmobile.com/activate

  • Once you’ve received your SpeedTalk Mobile SIM card in your mail, it’s time to get the card activated.
  • To start the activation process, launch a web browser on a device of your choice- your smartphone, tablet or computer and navigate to speedtalkmobile.com/activate
  • Once you are on the SpeedTalk Mobile homepage, tap on Activate. You’ll be directed to the next screen. Here, you’ll be prompted to provide the Sim Card activation page.
  • Enter the 19-digit SpeedTalk Mobile Card Number located at the back of the sim card or the packaging box. Remember to review the number before pressing the Continue button and moving to the next screen.
  • Next, enter the Shipping Zip Code in the prompted field and once again tap on Continue. You will be displayed with two options on screen- Active / Port in.
  • In case you wish to change your service provider but keep your mobile number intact, tap on the Port in option. But if you want a new number, you must tap on the Activate option.
  • On the next screen, you need to provide the ZIP Code for your new number under the Activation Information Head.
  • Here, i.e., under the Activation Information head enter your basic information i.e., your Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP. Similarly, under the Contact Information head, enter the other basic credentials like your email address (to receive the activation confirmation via mail) and your contact number (to be further contacted).
  • Check if you’ve provided all the information correctly. You will be provided with a small checkbox right beside I agree to the SpeedTalk Mobile terms & conditions of service. Once reviewed and checked tap on Continue.
  • Upon tapping the Continue button, your SpeedTalk Mobile Sim Card will be completed. You can now use the new service to make calls, send text messages and explore every nook and corner of a high-speed network.

Pick your SpeedTalk mobile plans 

Every service provider offers distinct packages to subscribers as per the latter’s preference and budget. 

SpeedTalk Mobile plans similarly have 6 distinct plans to choose from.

Speed Talk Mobile PayGo Plan 1

  • Calling Card value: $5
  • Minutes/Data: 2c min/2c MB
  • SMS/MMS: 2c/2c
  • Duration: 30 days

Speed Talk Mobile PayGo Plan 2

  • Calling Card value: $7.5
  • Minutes/Data: 2c min/2c MB
  • SMS/MMS: 2C/2C
  • Duration: 30 days

Speed Talk Mobile PayGo Plan 3

  • Calling Card value: $10
  • Minutes/Data: 2C min/2C MB
  • SMS/MMS: Unlimited SMS
  • Duration: 30 days

Speed Talk Mobile PayGo Plan 4

  • Calling Card value: $25
  • Minutes/Data: 2c min/2c MBB
  • SMS/MMS: Unlimited SMS
  • Duration: 60 days

Speed Talk Mobile PayGo Plan 5

  • Calling Card value: $50
  • Minutes/Data: 2c min/2c MB
  • SMS/MMS: 2C/2C
  • Duration: 180 days

Speed Talk Mobile PayGo Plan 6

  • Calling Card value: $100
  • Minutes/Data: 2c min/2c MB
  • SMS/MMS: 2c/2c
  • Duration: 365 days

Install your SpeedTalk mobile SIM card

Once you’ve activated your SpeedTalk mobile SIM card via speedtalkmobile.com/activate, it’s time to install your SpeedTalk mobile SIM Card. Quickly follow the steps below and enjoy the service:

  • Installing your SIM is the final stage of the activation process. To begin the installation process, turn off your mobile device first.
  • Now, you either need a SIM card tool or in case you don’t own one a simple paper clip will also do the job.
  • Install either of the above tools (a sim card tool or a paperclip) on the side of your mobile to take out the SIM card tray.
  • Now, place your SIM card perfectly into the tray and push the tray back to the side.
  • Once done, power on your mobile device. Your SIM card is successfully activated and installed.

Speed Talking with SpeedTalk Mobile?

Nowadays, mobile devices come with a blend of features. To put it simply it’s quite like an amalgamation of many different gadgets blended whose by-product is a single powerful gadget with prime features of all the other gadgets.

Whether you’re watching live TV on your smartphones, or an in-built GPS technology helping you access your location or giving you virtual-vocal directions to reach a place via the map, you need a good service provider with a strong network signal.

SpeedTalk Mobile is a subscription-based pocket-friendly wireless service that offers you greater coverage, speed and smooth connectivity.

To be compatible with SpeedTalk, all 4G LTE GSM phones must be unlocked AT & T mobile phones.

If your device fulfils the above criteria, then what are you waiting for? Whether you want to change your mobile number or transfer your existing one, access both options via SpeedTalk Mobile at ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Millions of subscribers like you may have additional queries about SpeedTalk Mobile. Here are some frequently asked questions we have tried to answer:

Q. Where do I get a SpeedTalk SIM card?

You can acquire a SIM card from SpeedTalk Mobile by purchasing a SpeedTalk Mobile plan directly. 

SpeedTalk Mobile provides SIM cards through the GSM-T network. Check the company’s GSM-T coverage map to verify the coverage of your location. Their IoT plans, including Alarm Systems, Smartwatch and GPS Trackers, also work via the GSM-T network. 

Q. Do I have the option of using my phone with SpeedTalk Mobile?

Absolutely! With SpeedTalk Mobile you can use any unlocked GSM phone. All you have to do is ensure that it operates on SpeedTalk Mobile’s frequencies to begin using the service.

Q. Can I make an international call with SpeedTalk Mobile?

Yes, making international calls is quick with SpeedTalk Mobile. Simply dial the number you wish to make a call: 011 followed by your country code, area code and then the phone number. Once done press the call button.

Q. How do I avail SpeedTalk’s porting services?

Yes, SpeedTalk offers porting services for your number. All you have to do is check the following criteria:

  • Check Porting Eligibility for your number 
  • Check Coverage 
  • The number must be active with the losing carrier 
  • Port should be started within 5 business days before cancellation date 
Q. What is the duration for porting my number to SpeedTalk Mobile?
Most wireless providers complete port requests within 5 minutes to 48 hours. Landline providers, however, may take up to 10 business days to process requests.
Q. How long does SpeedTalk Mobile take to ship a card?

Most orders from SpeedTalk Mobile are processed on the same day of purchase. Note any orders placed after 2 pm PST are processed and shipped the following business day. 

The arrival of your shipping card, however, depends on the shipping option that you choose at the time of purchase. Shipping takes place only within the U.S. without Saturdays, Sundays or any major holidays.

Q. Which mobile devices are compatible with SpeedTalk Mobile?

Note: Speed talk Mobile is not a mobile company it rather provides essence to your phone. But the following mobile devices are compatible with the service:

  • iPhone – iPhone 6 and above
  • Android- 2016 or newer ones
  • Windows- Most models
  • Non-Smartphones- All models
  • Other- All models
Q. Do I need to unlock my phone to use Speed Talk Mobile service?

No, you don’t need to unlock your phone to use the Speed Talk Mobile service. However, you can confirm from your current carrier first to ensure that they don’t charge you any penalty fee or restrictions on your phone that may prevent the use of Speed Talk.

However, phones obtained through AT&T must be unlocked.

Q. Is my Android Smartwatch compatible with Speed Talk Mobile SIM Card?

Nearly all 4G LTE Android Smartwatches are compatible with Speed Talk. However, check for Coverage on Speed Talk Mobile’s official Coverage Map page.

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