eonline.com link Activation Code on FireStick, Roku, Apple TV


Little did we know how much the discovery of the little “black box” back in the 90s will affect the quality and nature of our modern everyday life. 

Today they’ve made us so engrossed in the entertaining content and culture that we have somewhat lost our reading behaviour and thinking mode. Isn’t it?

Media entertainment today has created an oversaturated culture of entertainment. 

We take a deep interest in what’s happening in and around their lives, don’t we? So, if you’re looking out for the latest celebrity news, gossip, hop on to activate E-Online via eonline.com/link.


What’s the ’E’ hype all about?

E-Online is one of the leading online American platforms where you can catch up on every entertainment news including celebrity gossip, celebrity culture and all news on the pop culture horizon. 

That’s not it! You can also enjoy the live streaming video of major red carpet events including movie premieres and award shows such as the Emmy-nominated E! Live 360 red carpet Awards, celebrity reality shows like The Bradshaw Bunch, Clash of the Cover Bands and so much more.

Owned by NBC Universal Television the platform serves around 98.6 million viewers globally in 130+ countries and 20 languages.

To watch E-Online, do I need to activate it at eonline.com/link?

With a complete package of the latest stories and updates on Entertainment News, celebrity culture and popular shows, it’s easy to activate the channel at eonline.com/link. to watch full episodes of E! Meanwhile, to activate it online.

To enjoy all of E-Online, first, generate an activation code to enjoy a hassle-free experience. Let’s know-how?

  • Go to the eonline.com/link page from your mobile or PC web browser.
  • Now, on its home page, enter the activation code in the blank space.
  • Now Click Continue, and prompt further.
  • Next, select your Pay TV Network and log in with your credentials.
  • Once the formalities are completed, you’re done.

You can now access E-Online on a streaming device of your choice and enjoy infinite series, Live TV, and other shows and programs for free on the network.

Can I activate it to watch E! via eonline.com/link on Roku?

Excited to watch out for some trending celeb styles and stories? E-Online is a major streaming platform to boost your daily entertainment dose.

Are you a Roku user? Confused if E-Online can be streamed on your device?

Yes, you can stream your favourite content, learn the latest celeb gossip and more on your Roku device using these quick steps:

  • To get started with the Roku activation process, turn on your device first. Now from the Roku store go straight to the Apps section.
  • Type to search E! and use the add channel button to install the app.
Add E! on Roku
  • Now, once the app is downloaded, ensure to install it.
  • Once the app is successfully installed, all you have to do is navigate to Roku’s settings page to turn it on.
  • Now that the E-Online app is on your Roku device, it will display a unique activation code on-screen. 
  • Don’t forget to instantly note or copy the code somewhere. You can also pause the screen for this purpose.
  • Next, using your PC or mobile browser, visit the official web portal using your PC or laptop’s web browser.
  • Now launch the browser and visit www.eonline.com/link.
  • Correctly enter the activation code that appears on your smartphone now.
  • Next, choose your participating TV provider for this channel.
  • Once this is done, move to log in to your TV provider’s account. Your Roku device is all set and you can enjoy the E-online experience.

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Activate E-Online via eonline.com/link on Apple TV?

Did you catch the reunion of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the 2022 SAG Awards? Or heard Selena Gomez laugh about going barefoot at an award show?

Not yet? And wondering if your Apple TV is compatible with E-Online? It’s just as easy to set up E-online on your Apple TV as it is on your Roku. 

Quickly follow the guidelines below and jump into action to set up E-Online app on your Apple TV:

  • To get started with the Apple TV’s activation process, go straight to your device’s App Store and type to search for the E-Online app.
  • Now from the displayed results, choose the E-online application, to download and install it.
  • Once you’ve installed it, launch the app to receive the activation code on-screen.
  • After you’ve received the code, visit the authorized web portal.
  • Go to www.eonline.com/link using your computer or smartphone now.
  • Here, you need to enter the activation code that you had received on-screen. 
eonline.com/link activation code
  • Once you’ve entered the code, you’re just one more step closer to the activation process. 
  • Sign in with your TV provider account credentials, and your Apple TV is ready to stream the E-Online app.

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Eonline.com link activation code Firestick

Looking out for some latest and hot celeb gossip? Excited to check out your favourite star’s latest style statement to follow? 

Wait. . . Have you been thinking if the E-Online app is available on Fire TV or Fire Stick? Yes, all you need to do is activate your E-online channel via eonline.com/link

Enjoy streaming the hottest TV shows, educational programs, movies, celeb gossip and much more anytime, anywhere for free.

 Here’s what you need to activate E-online on your Fire TV or Fire Stick device. Let’s get started:

  • To get started with the activation process, go to the Amazon App Store. Type to search the app name in the search box i.e., the E-Online app. Press OK.
  • Once the app is downloaded, the next step is to go to the Fire TV Settings page. Now, select the app from here.
  • Your screen will display a unique activation code. You will also find some instructions attached onscreen along with the code.
  • Now, from your browser, navigate to www.eonline.com/link.
  • Here, you need to enter the activation code you had received in the provided space.
  • You’re just a step closer to completing the E-Online app on Fire TV activation. Now select your TV provider and enter the correct credentials to log in to your account.
  • Wait for some time and you are successfully done activating the E-Online channel.

What’s life without E-Online Entertainment?

Hectic schedules can affect your everyday lifestyle. After back-to-back meetings at the office, you hardly get sufficient time to engage in any extracurricular activity. Relatable, isn’t it?

But after all, we’re social beings and we do need some exclusive amusement often distracting our minds from stress. 

Entertainment may take varying shapes and types, and you’re free to make a better choice amidst the many available.

Whether or not you enjoy playing sports or watching movies, you need entertainment to stimulate your energies as often as you can. 

Activating E-Online via eonline.com/link will not just boost your energy but enable you to follow the latest fashion trends of your favourite celebs, enjoy some celeb gossip, watch interesting shows like Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, Botched UP, Paris in Love and so much more.

We hope using the above guidelines you can easily hook into some amazing daily entertainment content from E-Online.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my E! account password. How to Recover?

Follow the instructions to Recover E-online password:

  • Go to the official website www.eonline.com.
  • Top of the Right corner click on Log In button.
  • After Click You can see ‘Forgot password’ Click now.
  • Enter your registered email id and click to ‘Continue’ button.
  • You will receive the link on your email id to reset your password.
  • Go to email and open the link now enter new password and hit the Save button.
Can I watch E-Online on Xbox?

Yes, First you need to download the app on the Xbox store and activate the E-online channel using the activation code.

Can I watch the live streaming from E-Online on my phone?

Yes, you can access the live streaming via eonline.com/now/live. You will be asked to sign in using your TV provider’s account.

Who owns E-Online?

E-Online is owned by NBC Universal Television and Streaming.

Can I access E-Online on my iPad?

Yes. Make sure your iPad is running with iOS 7 or above for the best experience.

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