How to Activate Your New Boost Mobile Device on Phone


When it comes to choosing the best mobile phone service provider, we’re spoilt for choice. Isn’t it? 

Most of the time we simply head on over to a store and select one that offers the cheapest, with a ‘Best’ plan available. 

But there’s a lot more to it than just the cost per call or data charges. 

Boost Mobile is one such cellular phone service provider. When you purchase a mobile device from Boost Mobile, it comes with a SIM card holding customer’s personal information, contacts, datebook, and other information and specifications related to the mobile. 

So, if you’ve got hold of a boost mobile lately, you can activate the sim at Let’s get started. . .

4 things to consider before choosing Boost mobile?

Is your phone running up on huge bills and you’re looking out for an alternative low-cost service provider? There can be no better option than choosing boost mobile.

Below are 4 things that we’ve tried to point out to be kept in mind while you choose the service in terms of value for your money.

Network Coverage

Previously owned by Sprint, the Boost Mobile service operated under its network. But currently, boost mobile customers have access to T-Mobile’s network as the latter is acquired by Dish Network as part of the Sprint and T-Mobile merger. 

Thus, Boost Mobile customers use T-Mobile or AT&T networks. So, if you’re thinking about switching your mobile service carrier and opting for boost mobile, check if T-Mobile offers a strong network in your area. To do so, visit Boostmobile’s website and enter your address to confirm if your zone falls within its network coverage.

Boostmobile Plans and pricing

Boost Mobile offers a variety of affordable plans i.e., their multi-month plans- both with unlimited and limited data options to choose from. 

Boost Mobile is one of the few carriers that have such exclusive plans and pricing ranges for new and existing customers. 

While most boost mobile plans include unlimited data at 2G speeds even after your allotted high-speed, some of them will notably have the data shut off when you consume the high-speed allotment. 

All Boost Mobile plans are no-contract service plans, including mobile hotspot, unlimited minutes and texts. Let’s check them out.

Boost Mobile launched five new plans under $50 with options like $10, $15 and $25 per month inclusive of Taxes and fees.

Here are the five current boost mobile prepaid plans you can choose from

  • $10 for 1GB of high-speed data 
  • $15 for 2GB of high-speed data (6 months) 
  • $25 for 5GB of high-speed data 
  • $35 for 10GB of high-speed data 
  • $50 for 35GB of high-speed data 
  • $60 for 35GB of high-speed data

Besides these six plans, you’ll also have a choice to choose other plans according to your budget. Note all these plans include unlimited talk and text, with a fixed amount of data. 

Boost single line Mobile’s unlimited plans start at $50 a month. The unlimited plan pricing, however, improves with Multiple lines (two lines) with $80 a month.

Select your Mobile

With Boost Mobile, customers have the option to bring an existing device or buy a new one.

For customers who want to keep their existing phone, all you have to do is unlock it by entering the device ID on the service’s official website. This confirms its compatibility with the network.

For customers who want to buy a new phone, Boost offers multiple options for both in-store and online purchases.

There were instances of sales like10 phones under $100 and 12 phones over $500. To find out the latest offers visit the boost mobile deal page.

Excellent Customer Support Service

Customers look up to a service provider that excels both in terms of product and service. Boost Mobile offers more excellent customer service options than many other cell phone service providers. 

You can contact customer service support by phone at 1-866-402-7366. You can also access the live chat option. You can also look for nearby store locations using Boostmobile’s website.

Activate Boostmobile on Phone at

No mobile phone can operate without an activated SIM card. Although Boostmobile allows its customers to easily activate the cards online, you must also have your phone and SIM card with you to activate it at Let’s get started. . .

  • Visit the boost mobile official activation page Here, enter the 15-digit SIM identification number. You’ll find this located on the back of the SIM card in the box that says “SIM ID
  • Remove the battery cover from your phone and detach the battery. Look in the battery compartment for a 15-digit IMEI number. Once located, return to the website or keep your screen visible to enter this number in the box that reads “IMEI ID“.” Upon entering, select “Start Activation Process
  • Next, enter your activation PIN number, which you should find on the plastic SIM card holder.
  • Select a phone number of your choice from the displayed list. 

Note: You’ll only get to select the first three digits as the last four will be provided by the company. 

  • Tap on “Submit Request.” Jot down your confirmation number in case you face problems during the activation process.

Your Boostmobile card is successfully activated via

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Final Words

Smartphones are making our lives smarter than ever before. You can book movie tickets, book seats at your favourite restaurants, pay bills and do whatnot. 

However, if you’re a light data user not worried about monitoring your usage, Boost Mobile is the best option you can choose. 

The service’s cheapest plans are a great way to cut down your cell phone bill starting just at $10 a month only.

Additionally, with Boostmobile’s access to T-Mobile’s network, its coverage map has expanded more than ever before.

Activate Boost mobile via today and get the latest phones, best plans, and exclusive offers to save on everything!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions, if you have more questions about boostmobile com activate.

Q. Are there family plans offered by boost mobile?

Yes, boost Mobile offers family plans with which you can handle multiple lines from a single account. There are also exclusive discounts offered on boost mobile family plans. 

At present, a family of three can get 3 lines for $90 per month with unlimited talk time, unlimited texting, and 35GB of high-speed data.

Q. Are there boost mobile plans for tablets, smartwatches, or hotspot devices?

No, currently boost Mobile does not offer plans for tablets, smartwatches, or hotspot devices.

Q. Can I avail any boost mobile discounts or referral programs on their service?

No, Boost Mobile no longer offers a referral program. However, they do offer good deals and discounts on phones. You can check out the current smartphone deals here.

Q. Boost mobile comes under which network?

Boost Mobile uses T-Mobile to provide network coverage. As per RootMetrics 

T-Mobile ranks the third-best coverage and data speeds across the United States with an overall performance score of 90.3. While T-Mobile’s LTE bands are 241225, 26, 41, 66, and 71 its 5G bands are n41n71, n260, and n261.

To check T-Mobile’s coverage in your area consider the T-Mobile’s official coverage map, or use a third-party map like RootMetrics which examines the speed test data reported by its users to create its independent coverage map of the T-Mobile network.

Q. What features can I avail of to boost mobile?

Boost mobile supports an array of features like visual voicemail, MMS, VoLTE and 5G, mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, international calling and Multiline discount. 

Q. What features I can’t avail of from boost mobile? 

You can’t avail of features like International data, domestic roaming, and e-SIM from Boost Mobile. This is because International Data Roaming is available to use only within the U.S. While the facility for eSIM isn’t supported you can only use a physical SIM card required to activate this plan.

Q. Which phones work on boost mobile?

Those phones that are unlocked will work on Boost Mobile. An unlocked phone means it isn’t associated with any carrier, contract, or financing agreement. To confirm whether you have an unlocked phone consider contacting your current carrier, or knowing if there are ways to request to have it unlocked.

Boostmobile’s  IMEI checker tool helps you to check if your current phone is compatible with Boost Mobile. 

You can also consider purchasing an affordable device directly from  Boost Mobile. We however recommend you purchase an unlocked phone directly from the manufacturer. This gives the flexibility to change plans or carriers any time you want in the future. 

Q. Are international calling or international data roaming features available on boost mobile?

While International calling is available to Boost Mobile customers if they have any plan add-ons, international data roaming is currently an unsupported feature. 

Q. Which plan add-ons are available on boost mobile?

Boost Mobile has international calling, international texting, and more add-ons.

Q. How do I contact the boost mobile customer service?

Boost Mobile customer service is available via chat, by phone, or by visiting an offline store. You can call the Call Boost Mobile customer service support at (833) 502-6678. Below are the listed customer service hours:

  • Monday-Friday 4am-8pm PST
  • Saturday-Sunday 4am-7pm PST

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