10 Best Garage Door Openers Reviews 2019

Gone are the days when every time you came home you had to get out of the car then open the garage shutter by lifting it up physically then going back in the car and getting it inside the garage and then again pulling that shutter down again. Yes, it is tiring and hectic when you have to do it every time you get your car parked in your garage. Today, we have got the best machines that are ready to make your parking easy and safe. We have here the 10 of the best automatic and semi-automatic garage openers for you. These are affordable, durable and very reliable. These are strong and powerful with their distinct yet impressive designs. These are even laced with advanced security features to protect your car from theft. So, let’s leave those tiring and irritable days in history, after all, we are living in the era of Artificial Intelligence. So, let’s live in the present.

Best Garage Door Openers Reviews 2019:

Take a look at the best high-rated, powerful and secured garage door openers of 2019:

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener:

This product by LiftMaster is reliable, durable and performs up to your expectations with the help of p3 motors installed in it. It takes relatively a less amount of space and runs in an ultra-quiet mode.

Editor’s Rating Overview
4.3/5 Installed with powerful p3 motors

Fully equipped with security 2.0

Runs ultra-quiet

Durable and reliable design

Product Highlights

This garage door opener weighs around 30 pounds. It is easy to install and mounts on the wall beside the garage door ultimately saving a lot of ceiling space. It works quietly and smoothly with a powerful motor that acts like a pully with a 6-foot power cord and does not produce any kind of sounds or vibrations. It costs about Rs 30500/- with a lifetime motor warranty and 5-year parts warranty too.


  • It has a smart, sleek design with a simple user interface.
  • It has easy wall-mount installation process.
  • The 24V DC motor in it provides it with power and ability to perform its task in a smooth and prompt manner.
  • Its speed is variable and can be set according to the user’s will with just a few steps guided in the manual that it comes with.
  • This product meets all the safety and security features with its fully equipped Security 2.0, MYQ.


  • It comes with a strong cord, however, of just 6 feet which make its installation limited to garages that are 6 feet in height or lower.
  • It needs a fragmented door to work and is not compatible with roll-up doors.
  • It is limited to low headroom track.
  • The product forces a “must have” front torsion bar system for it to run swiftly.

Direct Drive 1042V004 Garage Door Opener 42 x 10 x 6.5 inches:

This garage opener is a German tech. It is laced with strong traveling motor technology. This Direct Drive product is extremely quiet and virtually produces no vibrations. It comes with a full installation kit. It has been cycled tested by an independent test institute up to 100,000 times which makes it even more reliable and gives a great idea about its durability.

Editor’s Rating Overview
4.4/5 Includes two x 2-button transmitters

Has got a rail for 7 ft to 8 ft door height

Extremely quiet

Easily replaceable opener

Product Highlights-

The Direct Drive 1042V004 Garage Door Opener is equipped with Secure Rolling Code Technology(310MHz). This device directly goes at the door instead of going back of the opener which eventually increases its power making the lifting part easier. It needs corded-electricity as a power source. This machine costs about Rs 22600/- and it comes with a lifetime warranty on its entire equipment. It has two x 2-button transmitters and just needs an interior wall station. It weighs 37 pounds.


  • Its discreet design has only one moving part which makes it less complicated.
  • Its safety features include obstacle detectors which makes it more cautious.
  • With the help of the beam sensors which send invisible light beam across the door, it makes it more of an automatic working garage door.
  • This detection system monitors every door movement and reverses the door if any obstacle is found in its way.
  • It is suitable for installing in garages with bedrooms above.


  • Weighs as much as 37 pounds.
  • Requires 2 Lithium-ion batteries, however, they are included yet after a while they need replacement.
  • It is a HomeLink compatible device which makes it easier to operate from anywhere.

Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad 00954985000P:

This garage door opener is a product of reputed tech company called CRAFTSMAN. It is made in concern with saving energy. Its sleep mode uses no more power than 1 Watt. It is easily installable with its Quick Install Rail System. It is quiet and works smoothly. This is a chain driven opener.

Editor’s Rating Overview
4.8/5 Simple user interface monitors

Saves energy

Equipped with safety reversing sensors

Got a secured 4-digit PIN entry pad

Product Highlights-

With a cost price of Rs 17700/-, this high performing chain drive garage door opener is excellent. It has got simple user interface monitors which help to set and adjust the force required to open and close the door during temperature fluctuations. It comes with a dimension of 26.5 x 14.1 x 8.5 inches. Its safety reversing sensors make it even more sensitive towards the obstacles when it is closing down and reverses back saving any accidents.


  • It can be controlled with wireless & keyless entry pads as well as manually.
  • It has got cable chains for a powerful performance.
  • It can be controlled from a smartphone using the “AssureLink” accessory.
  • It can also be controlled by Amazon’s amazing invention “Alexa”.
  • To make it even more secure, it has been pre-installed with anti-burglary coding technology.
  • It has got its own tri-frequency radio system which helps it be controlled with surety without the interruptions of other devices around the house.


  • The full package dimension of this device is 26.5 x 14.1 x 8.5 inches.
  • Its items collectively weigh more than 36 pounds.
  • The parts come in big sizes and take up space in installation.

8500 Liftmaster Elite Series myQ Enabled Garage Door Opener Includes 2-Remotes:

This Elite Series garage door opener is a Liftmaster product. It is powerful and impressive with its sleek and space saving design. It only takes a part of the ceiling for the installation beside the garage door. This product is for the family which needs quite yet match up the speed and swift as desired. It is reliable and durable with its high performing powerful p3 motors.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.3/5 Ultra-quiet

Equipped with security 2.0

Reliable & durable


Sleek and smooth work

Product highlights-

This 8500 Liftmaster Elite Series myQ enabled device comes with an easy installation process. With two 893MAX 3-button Remote Control MyQ, it comes for about a sum of Rs 31800/-. It weighs around 31 pounds which is relatively lighter than the other garage door openers. Its auto-force feature helps it to manage and monitor the garage door system and automatically adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations as well as floor height and door track movement. For its quiet and smooth operations, it is laced with powerful 24V DC motors. It comes with a motor warranty for lifetime and a 5-year parts warranty.


  • It has got the MyQ Control Panel which lets the user program security codes electronically.
  • For it to work for longer time smoothly, it has got a gear case that provides it with continuous lubrication.
  • The device is laced with a 6-foot power cord which makes it easier to connect it to a power source easily without the problem of tempering it and giving another foot of wire to it.
  • Its sensing technology is advance which is very cautious to interruptions while the door is going down, and stops the door from going down if it senses a person or an object.
  • With its Security+ 2.0, it makes it even more secure as it generates and sends a new code every time the remote control is used.


  • It is not compatible with roll-up doors.
  • It needs to be installed only with sectional doors.
  • For the installation, it makes it a must to have a front mount torsion bar system.
  • It is compatible with doors which are not higher than 6 feet.
  • This garage door opener does not go with low headroom tracks.

NEXX Garage NXG-100 NXG Remote Compatible Door Openers – Control Using Smart Phone, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Enabled Devices, White:

Just tap in your smartphone and you can control this device from anywhere. It is so amazing and can auto open the doors if it senses your car when you drive up to the garage. This is really a smart garage door opener of by the NEXX GARAGE. It turns the ordinary garage doors into smart doors. This device is easily accessible and can be used by its own smartphone app Nexx Garage. It can also be used through voice commands to Google Assistant and amazing Amazon Alexa and with IFTTT integration applets.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.2/5 Has got a smart and simple design

With powerful technology

Gives multi-user access from anywhere

Product Highlights-

The NXG-100 is a very small and smart design of the NEXX GARAGE. It weighs only like 8.2 ounces because it does not come with other accessories that complete its setup and design. This little piece of technology costs only around Rs 6200/- which is quite a reasonable price for a garage door opener. It can be set to close and open at some certain time of the day by IFTTT (if this then that) which provides it with limitless automation possibilities like it would send and a text and even email you when the door is activated or open and many more.


  • It is easily accessible from anywhere with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and also with the Know on the Go with Watch App.
  • It can be connected and configured with the existing WiFi network.
  • This device is very secured with its best class security encryption that makes it hard to be hacked in any way.
  • It notifies you with message texts and also sends you an email when the door is open or close.
  • It is easy to learn about the monitoring activities of the door with the help of accessories and gadgets mentioned above.
  • It goes with most of the garage door openers out there in the market.


  • It needs a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection and not any less.
  • For the users who want it to work with the Samsung Smart thing hub, is a disappointment because it does not go with it.
  • The device has not got the turn on/off light button in its app which is inconvenient to do so manually every time.
  • It was android compatible only until the Oreo, it does not go with the new Android versions.

Skylink AN-1622K Atoms Garage Door Opener 1/2 HPF Garage Door Opener with Extremely Quiet Dc Motor, Chain Drive, Built-In Led Light, Remote Controls, Keypad Keyless Entry, Deluxe Wall Console:

With reliable performance, this Skylink product is a set of a wonderful garage door opener. It is very smooth and extremely quiet. There are almost no vibrations or any kind of noise coming out when it is working. Its powerful DC motors handle its operations in a sophisticated and prompt manner. It causes no hammering while installing and gives an easy and tireless installation. However, if any confusion is encountered in the installation process, the company itself provides online help like videos with step by step guide for the same.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.6/5 Durable design

Equipped with powerful DC motors

Built-in LED lights for more convenience

Friendly numeric input

Easily programmable

Product Highlights-

With just a little weight of 9.3 pounds, this Skylink device is more than just a garage door opener. It is an energy saver, too. It works on both – AC and DC power source with just a voltage of 110V provided to it. It is certainly not disappointing for the price. It is smartly designed and very quiet. It uses a chain driven technology and controlled by remotes and wall consoles for the best experience.


  • It has got a chain drive system with already assembled with a rail.
  • It comes with a Deluxe Wall Console making it easier to control when not using a remote.
  • This device concerns safety at its most, it has got safety infrared sensor pair which help it to be wary of the obstacles coming its way while it is working.
  • It has got two 1-button remote controls and a wireless keypad that is configured to its own network which makes it even faster to use.
  • However, it has got a user manual for the installation process and mounting hardware kits, the company also provides online video help for the same. How thoughtful!
  • Not frequently needs to replace the light bulbs and is compatible with any kind.


  • It is not compatible with most cars Homelink.
  • Although the description clearly says 1/2HP, instead it works at a speed of 1/4HP like speed.
  • Sometimes, it produces sounds like it is trying to pull the door and feels like having a weaker mechanism.

Liftmaster/Chamberlain/Sentex Garage Door Openers:

This Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional garage door opener is a real pro. Easy and simple to install, this device goes on the top in the back of the opener and plugs right into it. It is perfect for Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Sentex products. It is available both as a single unit itself and also with other accessories required accordingly. Its powerful motors are enough strong to do all the lifting and dropping down of the garage door.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.6/5 Light and smart design

Affordable price

Simple to install

Saves space

Product Highlights-

This garage door opener is compatible with LiftMaster 3800 Jackshaft and estate series models like 2500, 2500b, 2500d, 3500, 8500 and many other products. It comes for about Rs 12800/-. This device only weighs 6 pounds and so it is easy to hang up on the place in which it is installed. It comes with a battery backup unit. Fortunately, a 1.12V battery is already equipped in it. Smartly designed, this device is of small size with a dimension of only 12 x 5.5 x 8.1 inches and is electrically corded.


  • A pre-installed battery backup unit is very useful and very thoughtful of the company. It makes
  • It is compatible with many garage door openers of LifMaster, Jackshaft and estate series models as mentioned in the highlight’s section.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Every time it is running on the battery power, it notifies by producing a certain audible signal sound.


  • Despite being such a wonderful product, it is not compatible working with the car links for even easier operation.
  • It is a wonderful working device, yes. Yet, it does not have a long life as every consumer desire.
  • Changing the batteries gives a headache because it is designed in such a way that it needs its unit to be fully removed from the ceiling to change the batteries.

Chamberlain PD512 Garage Door Opener, ½ HP, Durable Chain Drive Operation, Includes 2-1 Button Remotes, Wall Control Panel:

Designed especially for 7 ft sectional doors, this garage door opener is complete and comes with all the necessary accessories. It is a powerful performance and is very reliable and durable. This device is having a strong chain drive that is monitored by a powerful motor of ½ HP. This AC motor works just fine with the lifting and the dropping down the process of the garage door. It has been made keeping every important safety and security reasons in mind. It is loaded with safety sensors with a patented Security+ 2.0 rolling code technology. The door is securely locked with its PosiLock anti-theft protection. It, surely, is a good product.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.4/5 Powerful and strong chain drive

Long range remote controls

Built-in safety sensors

Reliable anti-theft protection with PosiLock

Product Highlights-

This item is laced with high-performance 1/2HP Motors. It’s market price is around Rs 17900/- which is quite reasonable for an excellent garage opener like itself. It weighs around 37.1 pounds with all its accessories. It is laced with Lithium-ion battery cells. This device comes with a warranty of 6 years on motors and a year warranty on parts, chain, and accessories.


  • This garage door opener goes through a quick install process.
  • Rail system gets assembled within minutes.
  • Gives the facility to auto adjustment of force with just one click.
  • The device has got the power of an industrial design 1/2HP motor which makes it works easy.
  • It comes with a long-range remote control that uses its own tri-band frequency for better and consistent performance.
  • It has got a rugged chain drive that gives a steady and reliable performance.


  • It is a very convenient and easy to use garage door opener yet it is not compatible with Older models of cars.
  • There is trouble in closing the door with the remote and so it has to be done with the help of the wall console “forcefully”.
  • Not exactly friendly with the one installing it for the first time, it might take hours to exactly understand and put it all together.
  • Single button remote gives limited options to use is.

Chamberlain B503 Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with MED Lifting Power Blue:

Designed and engineered with great safety and security features this device is ultra-quiet and powerful. For reliability and durability for long years, it has been constructed with high-grade materials. It has got a steel-reinforced belt drive. It is very easy to install. And for that, it has its own manual as well as online installation videos. It delivers the highest lifting capacity compared to the ½HP class which is actually powered by the very Chamberlain’s Lift Power System. It has been perfectly designed for 7 ft garage doors but can be extended to use for 8-ft and 10-feet doors with extension kits. It is easily accessible from a smartphone. Also, it comes with superior range remotes.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.4/5 Can be controlled using smartphones

Strong lift power system

Ultra-quiet and strong belt

Strong encryption against hacking

Snap-lock rail system

Product Highlights-

This garage door opener is equipped with powerful Chamberlain’s own MED Lift Power System which gives it a sufficient force to the chains for a better experience. It comes with a warranty of 10 years on the motors, 15 years warranty on the belt and a 1-year warranty on other parts and accessories. It is laced with unmatched Security+ 2.0 which has 100 billion code encryptions. All these features are to protect against hacking. It also consists of PosiLock anti-theft protection that is reliable to keep the door locked while it is closed. All these wonderful features and this device comes for a cost of Rs 12000/-.


  • It is ultra-quiet and produces not irresistible vibrations.
  • Its powerful MED Lift Power System is ready-made for doing all the required lifting and shutting of the door.
  • Installation made easy with manual and online installation videos.
  • Unmatched Security+ 2.0 makes is safer and more secured against hacking.
  • Can be controlled with a phone or a tablet with purchase of Smart Garage Hub (MyQ required)
  • Remote ranges up to a radius of 1500 feet with exclusive triband technology.


  • The wires used by this device contain cancer-causing agents and birth defects or other reproductive harm as stated by the State of California.
  • It is heavy with a weight of 35 pounds.
  • The traveling module gets defected and fails to accept the programming of downward travel.
  • It has a compatibility problem with HomeLink of most of the cars.
  • Sometimes it makes an unusual sound like it is going to break.
  • It does not come with a keypad for exterior which makes it hard to access when remotes are not working.

Chamberlain B550 Smartphone-Controlled Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with MED Lifting Power, Blue:

This Chamberlain B550 garage door opener comes with a steel-reinforced belt drive. It is powerful and performs smoothly with its fully loaded Chamberlain’s MED Lift Power System delivering a high lifting force up to a ½HP. It is sleek and smartly designed for frequent garage use. This is a MyQ enabled device, meaning, it can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone. As, it is a product of Chamberlain, so it is also laced with the same security features as other Chamberlain products, that is, Security+ 2.0 which is advanced and protective. Also, it contains PosiLock anti-theft protection to cope with attempts at forced entry.

Editor’s rating Overview
4.4/5 Quiet and smooth operation

Built-in MyQ to control it from anywhere

Powerful MED Lift Power System

Wireless exterior keypad with 4-digit secured PIN

Product Highlights-

This garage door opener is run by AC. It has a smart design with a dimension of 18 x 10 x6.5 inches. It weighs exactly 35 pounds. As other Chamberlain’s product, this also comes with a warranty of 10 years on motors, 15 years on the belt and as well as 1 year warranty on other accessories. It comes with a 7 ft rail kit. It has dual-function wall control with two 3-button remotes transmitters that make it easy to control. And it costs around Rs 14200 which is quite a reasonable price. It is equipped with cautious sensors working all the time making it wary of any obstacle that comes its way while going down.


  • Its design is simple.
  • The remote control has 3 buttons which means more ways to use it.
  • It can be equipped with 26W LED bulbs if desired.
  • It is smart with the inbuilt MyQ technology that can be used to monitor it from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone.
  • Notifies about the activities of the door I.e., it sends a text message every time the garage door is opened and also emails you if set to.
  • It can be scheduled to open and close with IFTTT using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance.


  • Sometimes, it is unable to detect and use the wifi.
  • The device is incompatible with HomeLink of many cars.
  • Sometimes, the control is down and the door false freely to the ground.


After acknowledging these wonderful garage door openers in every aspect, we find CRAFTSMAN ½ HP CHAIN DRIVE GARAGE DOOR OPENER WITH TWO MULTI-FUNCTION REMOTES AND KEYPAD 00954985000P to be an outstanding device among them all due to its wonderful and satisfying work and amazing features used for safety and security concerns. You may also be interested in checking out the LIFTMASTER/CHAMBERLAIN/SENTEX GARAGE DOOR OPENERS, it has a versatile nature of compatibility with different garage door openers and goes with most of the cars’ HomeLink.

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