AT&T WiFi Calling Not Working – How to Fix? 

Wi-Fi calling is a perfect example of modern technology. This feature allows us to make or receive a call, send texts, use voice mails easily in areas where your phone’s network connection is poor or even non-existent. Also, you can make an unlimited number of calls with a data plan which is under your budget. 


Here are a few things required to start Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone :

  • A smartphone that supports a carrier’s Wi-Fi calling feature, like for AT&T, etc. 
  • A good Wi-Fi connection with signal availability. 
  • HD Voice service is available on any AT&T wireless or postpaid account. Internet Explorer is the best browser to use to get started with your account.

Here’s a guide about how to fix AT&T Wi-Fi calling feature is not working on your smartphone issue. 

How To Fix AT&T WiFi Calling Not Working ?

New updates can cause minor issues with certain aspects of your phone’s functionality from time to time. Additionally, it is possible that the other components will also cause issues at times.

There are a variety of options for continuing Wi-Fi Calling after the call has ended. In the event that your AT&T Wi-Fi Calling isn’t working, here are some fixes you can try out.

1. Smartphone Is Updated With Latest Software

First of all make sure that your device is running with the latest Software available for it. Specifically, if you are using iOS, it should be iOS 8 or higher, and if you are using Android, it should be 6 or higher. If your device is not up to date with the most recent version of the network, there’s a possibility that many features might not work properly. 

Follow the below steps to ensure that you do not have any pending updates to install on your smartphone :

  • First of all, charge your phone to the fullest and make sure it’s connected to the Wi-Fi
  • Swipe down the notification bar and select Settings Menu.
  • Now, scroll down and select Software Update (For iOS Go To General->Software Update).
  • After that, choose Manually Download Updates From Your Mobile Screen.
  • Installing the update is as simple as following the on-screen instructions.
  • After the installation is complete, wait for the device to restart on its own.

2. Make Sure That HD Voice Is Enabled

Sometimes, you might notice that the Wi-Fi calling is not working as the HD Voice in not enabled. But this issue can be simply resolved by enabling the HD Voice feature on your smartphone. 

Follow the steps below to ensure that HD Voice is enabled on your smartphone.

  • Go to the Home screen’s Settings menu and select “Cellular”.
  • Toggle the Cellular Data switch to the “On” position.
  • Select Cellular Data Options.
  • Select Enable LTE by Tapping on the screen.
  • To activate the feature, select Voice & Data feature.

3. Make Sure That WiFi Is Working And Switched On

Some people might think that this sounds silly, but this is one of the reasons behind this issue. Always make sure that your WiFi network is switched On. Also, make sure that it can search the available WiFi network nearby. This can help you ensure that your WiFi is working.

Otherwise, turn on Airplane Mode and wait for 30 seconds and then turn off Airplane Mode to ensure that it is disabled and all of your cellular connections, including the WiFi connection, are back to normal.

Most of the time, your WiFi network becomes stuck, and enabling and then disabling Airplane mode can help you resolve the WiFi Calling not working issue. You can also try restarting your smartphone.

4. Try by Turning Off Your Mobile Data 

As you’ve refreshed all of your connections with the help of Airplane mode, you can also try by turning off your mobile data altogether if it’s still not working. Due to this, your device will only be connected to your network with the help of Wi-Fi. 

Follow the steps given below to temporarily disable your cellular data :

  • Click on the Quick Settings button, to access the Quick Settings Panel. 
  • Tap the data icon & wait for maybe a minute.
  • Re-tap the Data icon.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

You must have a working internet connection with a minimum speed of 15Kbps in order to continue using WiFi Calling. 

Internet Explorer or any other browser can be used to check the speed of your connection.

6. Contact AT&T Customer Service

Usually the steps mentioned above provides the solution to your problem, but in case your issue is still not resolved you might have to contact AT&T customer service. 

Only a customer service executive can check your account & see what’s the real issue. 

Also, you can use Internet Explorer’s built-in community features to resolve AT&T account issues. If you’re facing some uncommon issue, you can use the AT&T community forum, where you can share your problems and find a solution for it too. 

  • Note : You can also try by resetting your Wi-Fi calling. You can either restart your phone and check if everything is working properly, or you can reset network settings on your phone and ensure that you are able to resolve the WiFi Calling issue.

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