How to Activate Vevo Music Videos on Roku

We all spent at least five to ten minutes every day watching our favourite music videos. Don’t we? 

That’s probably what we call the “Me Time” when nothing but music soothes the mind after a long tiring day. 

But have you ever wondered what makes you groove while you spend those five to ten minutes watching your favourite music video?

Well, that’s the power of this rhythmic pattern connecting us at a deeper level with the people around us.

So, get ready to make some noise and groove on your favourite tunes with Vevo via

Music fans shouldn’t miss out on the world’s leading music video network.

With over 500,000 videos from artists of miscellaneous genres, levels and languages Vevo is the world’s leading platform to stream music videos of popular singers and musicians. 

It has a collection of more than 450 thousand music videos connecting international artists like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes and the list is not ending here.

Music lovers like you can access the platform via selected Smart TVs, digital media players, digital video recorders, and multiple streaming services. 

Vevo can also be downloaded directly from the app store of the device or service they’re using. 

The videos are categorically based on the artists and genre. Vevo’s user-friendly interface is one of the highlighting features that allow you to navigate and select your music videos with ease. 

Roku Users won’t want to miss Vevo Exclusives

To all music lovers and Roku owners, you don’t want to miss out on the exclusive features that Vevo has in store for you? Here’s what’s in store for you

  • Vevo has the world’s largest music video library with a song for your every mood.
  • The app is updated every day with Fresh music videos, featuring current hits on the channel’s home page.
  • Over 100 channels categorize videos for users to find music that suits their tastes.
  • You can like and skip music videos, save your favourites to the “Your Likes” list and keep a track of your watch history.
  • Limitless browsing to explore the most popular Vevo music videos, live concert videos, VEVO originals, and recommendations.
  • Make an unlimited choice of genre, style, or decade and curate your personalized music video playlist with the custom mixer feature.

Vevo on Roku via

Did you know that you can also stream Vevo videos on Roku directly by installing the app from the Channel Store? 

Vevo on Roku brings HD music videos to your big screen. Pick the cosiest couch, a genre or artist of your choice, and you’re good to go with Vevo. 

With more than 450 thousand music videos from popular international artists, genres, languages, and decades, Vevo keeps you grooving for hours. 

Want to enjoy all of these extraordinary premiums on your Roku device? Let’s get Vevo on your Roku via

Adding Vevo on Roku

To enjoy the best of Vevo, you must download and add the app to your Roku Channel list. Here’s how you can do it:

  • To add Vevo to your Roku, switch on your Roku TV or device and press the Home button on your Roku remote to launch the home page.
  • Now select Streaming Channels and launch the Roku Channel Store. 
  • From the menu, scroll down to tap on Search Channels
  • Type to search “Vevo” in the search box. From the search results list on-screen, navigate to and highlight the app.
  • Next, select the Add Channel option. Upon selecting it, the app will start downloading on your Roku.
  • Tap on Ok once the installation is successful.

Activating Vevo on Roku via

Accessible globally besides the United States, Vevo’s vast library keeps growing where you can find all exclusively trending music videos of your favorite artists.

But to enjoy to your fullest, you will need to activate Vevo on your Roku device. This can be done following the steps below.

  • To get started with the activation process, turn on your Roku device or TV and navigate to the home screen using the Home button of your Roku remote.
  • Now navigating to Streaming channels from the home screen tap on Search channels
  • Type to search Vevo in the search box.
  • Locate the Vevo application from the displayed search results and tap to highlight it.
  • Next tap the Add Channel option. Upon selecting the app will start downloading the app. 
  • Tap on OK to install it on your device once downloaded.
  • Now that the app is successfully installed, launch the app from the Roku home screen.
  • The Vevo app alongside the activation code, link and instructions will be displayed on-screen.
  • Don’t forget to save or copy the code and visit the URL using a different device.
  • Enter the activation code here by typing
  • Upon tapping the Next button, you will now be prompted to log in to your Vevo account with the accurate credentials.

The Vevo application has been successfully installed on your Roku device. Stream unlimited music videos via Roku on your big screen. 

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Troubleshoot Technical glitches during Vevo Activation

You might encounter errors while activating Vevo on your streaming devices. The following troubleshooting tips will help you overcome the technical problems while activating Vevo.

  • An Invalid Activation Code 

Note Activation codes are displayed on-screen with a time limit of certain seconds and might turn invalid by the time you enter it. You must use the code immediately after receiving it to avoid such glitches.

  • Vevo App stopped Working

A slow internet connection is a prime yet the most common reason behind this. Connect to a strong, stable internet connection. You must also uninstall to reinstall the app again. A possible restart of the device will fix the glitch.

  • Inactive URL

 Check the status of your Internet connection. Also, confirm you have the correct URL displayed on your TV screen. Also, try to clear the cache and cookies if this does not resolve the issue. Try to restart your browser and try again after some time.

  • Sign in error

Before activating your account, first, create one. When asked, sign up for the account if you don’t have one existing. Carefully enter your sign in credentials. Minute errors while entering credentials can create sign in issues.

Vevo: Gateway to the World of Music

Well, music is a part of the visual language of our culture, our consumption of art and entertainment. 

While most people consider music as a way to escape the pain of life, others consider it to be therapeutic. 

Music also connects generations. Each generation has specific songs that define that specific generation. These songs connect individuals of different generations in different ways. 

As Generation Y’s lives became more technologically advanced, the method of obtaining music changed from cassettes to downloading or pirating music.

Instead of buying the whole cassette or CD only to hear a song or two, technology has enabled us to download or even watch music videos online. 

So, music has a wonderful and meaningful impact on different people. And what’s even better when a global network like Vevo is connecting about 19.9 million subscribers to high-quality music video content for over a decade now?

From International singing sensations to rising new talents, Vevo features a broad musical spectrum. Activate the channel today on your Roku device to explore the world of music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have queries over activating Vevo on Roku? Here are a couple of frequently asked questions we have tried to compile for you:

Q. Is Vevo a free Application?

Yes, you can watch Vevo content for free but they’re not free from ads.

However, a Premium subscription plan costs $20 per year. You can enjoy ad-free music videos, live performances, concerts, and much more with the premium subscription.

Q. Can I access Vevo Videos on Roku via the YouTube app?

Yes, you can watch Vevo Videos on Roku via YouTube using the following steps:

  • Pressing the Home button, navigate to your Home Screen, and scroll down to select the Streaming Channels tab.
  • Now select the Search tab option and type to search YouTube on the search bar.
  • Locate and select the YouTube app from the listed search results.
  • Next Tap Add Channels to download the YouTube app on your Roku.
  • Once installed, open the YouTube app on Roku and search for Vevo videos on their official YouTube channel. You can also search Vevo music videos by artist name. 

Note: Most music video content on YouTube is owned by Vevo.  Vevo owns the YouTube video with the Vevo mark on it.

Q. Which other streaming devices are compatible to stream Vevo Music Videos?

Besides Roku, you can watch Vevo music videos on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Echo Show, Fetch, Foxtel, Foxxum, Google TV, Hisense/Vidaa, Pluto TV, RedBox, Xumo, Vizio, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung, Netrange, Now TV, LG Channels, Vewd, Virgin Media, Xite, Sky Q, Shaw, Telstra TV, T-Mobile, 

Q. Do I need to register to access Vevo’s music video content?

On March 9 Vevo declared that all Vevo accounts must be connected with Facebook. All non-Facebook registered logins to VEVO will be disabled. To enjoy the best VEVO experience, we recommend you register your account via Facebook.

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