How to Activate and Register myCigna

With the ever-increasing instances of multiple diseases, healthcare insurance today has become a necessity for every household today.

Healthcare insurance provides much-needed financial protection in the event of medical emergencies. 

Moreover, healthcare is considered an expensive affair in most countries. 

One such health insurance provider is My Cigna but in reality much more than that. 

My Cigna is your one-stop destination if you’re looking for an affordable health insurance provider and wish to connect with doctors and specialists from the comfort of your home.

All you have to do is activate the service at to enjoy its services and benefits.

Gateway to My Cigna Activation via Registration

Creating a My Cigna account is quick, simple, and secure. 

If you’re a new user of My Cigna, you will first need to register yourself before proceeding to activate the service. 

Once you’re a registered My Cigna member, you can use your unique user ID and password to log in the next time you visit the portal. 

My Cigna Registration is available to users in the following ways:

A subscriber: (The person who has signed up for the My Cigna plan.), will be required to provide one of the following:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Or, your Cigna ID number or Cigna-HealthSpring ID (located in front of your ID card)

A dependent: (a child, spouse, or domestic partner covered under the subscriber’s plan will be required to provide one of the following:

  • Your Cigna ID number and the subscriber’s ZIP code(home)
  • Your Cigna-HealthSpring ID
  • Or, the subscriber’s Social Security Number along with the home ZIP code

Note: Customers under the age of 13 (and/or their parent/guardian) are not permitted to register:

Once all the above criteria are fulfilled, let’s get you started with the registration process

  • From a device and browser of your choice visit the My Cigna official website
  • Under the Register tab select the “Register” option.
  • You’re required to enter your basic credentials i.e., your name, address, and birth date
  • In the next step you’re required to verify the MyCigna identity: Your Cigna ID and Social Security number and answer the security questions that will verify your account
  • Type to create a new username and password
  • Review the details you’ve provided to create the account
  • Finally, Submit after confirming the information provided to you

Congratulations! You’re a registered My Cigna user and you can now log in to your My Cigna account anytime.

Benefits Of MyCigna Healthcare Card

Before activating the My Cigna Healthcare Card, take a look at the benefits of the service:

  • Good health and wellbeing

When you sign up for the MyCigna service, you’re required to go through several questions meant to track your health. Moreover, you can get personalized recommendations based on your health needs.

You can access a medical library once you’re a registered member. You can also have additional information regarding first aid, health issues, medical examination, wellness, etc.

You need to keep your medical history so that you can easily track medication, procedures, allergies, and contacts as and when needed.

  • Track the estimate of the cost

With My Cigna, you can track your expenses or assess the cost of your treatment based on your location so that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

You can also compare hospitals over costs, the number of procedures conducted, time taken by a patient to recover, etc.

You can even compare the prices of the medicines of any other regular pharmacies and that of Cigna Pharmacy.

  • Excellent Administrative Services

MyCigna eases the efforts for you to manage as well as track your claims. All you have to do is search and then track the claims and the balances available on your account.

 You can even reorder your prescription medicines in case of any discrepancy that occurred on your previous order and within 3 months the package will be redelivered.

Activate My Cigna at

So, to enjoy all the above-said services and benefits, you will first have to activate your my Cigna account at if you’ve already registered for it.

Note you can activate your account in 2 ways- via the My Cigna Online portal and by Phone. Quickly follow these steps below to get started:

  • Head to the My Cigna page
  • Enter your basic credentials i.e., your First Name and your Last Name and tap Next 
  • On the page next, enter your date of birth, your home ZIP code one at a time
  • Next, choose the appropriate options from the list below.

i)I’m the Subscriber on a non-Medicare/Medicaid plan-The person who signed up for the plan either through your employer or independently, through a health exchange.

ii) I’m a Dependent on a non-Medicare/Medicaid plan– A child, spouse or domestic partner covered within the subscriber’s My Cigna package.

iii) I’m a Cigna Medicare Customer

iv) I’m a Medicaid Customer

v) I only want to register for Employee Assistance Programs

  • Enter your Identity information that includes your Social Security number, Cigna ID number
  • Next enter the remaining details and tap on Register.

To complete My Cigna activation over the phone here’s what you need to do:

  • To activate the My Cigna card, you need to reach the customer executive team at at 1-855-654-1777 
  • The generated code will be the SSN and the last 4-digit of the cardholder(You)
  • Now, check the empty box acknowledging that you are abiding to follow the terms and policies.

Upon completing the steps, your My Cigna account will be activated and you can use it for tracking and managing your health, and finding a doctor at the time of need.

You can also enjoy numerous other additional benefits covering your health right at your fingertips right in the comfort of your home.


A healthy and long life is what we all cherish. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for newer and better technology-based methods to keep ourselves fit, healthy, and disease-free. 

Technology has played a crucial role in the evolution of the medical domain.

From healthcare products and services to smart devices the future of healthcare has undergone a revolution that has changed the way we look at the healthcare sector improving transparency, lowering healthcare costs and better patient care.

A health insurance policy is a very valuable addition to basic health coverage. 

With My Cigna, you will not only cover your hospitalization bills but also receive funds for other essential benefits of the service like 24 hours app accessibility seven days a week, professional pieces of advice for overall wellness and good health etc. 

As a worldwide health services company, My Cigna aims to improve people’s health, well-being, and peace of mind by providing quality health care that is affordable, dependable, and simple to use.

Activate the service at today to keep your good health at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What is My Cigna’s active & fit program?

To keep yourself active and fit you can register in the MyCigna active and fit program just with a tap on All you have to pay is an American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc enrollment fee of $25 that remains the same every month inclusive of the taxes. You’ll also get a discount code  “OmadaCigna ” to apply at the payment page.

Q. How do I File a Claim in My Cigna?

Quickly follow these steps for filing medical, dental, mental health, and supplemental health claims.

  • First Download and print the claim form
  • Next, complete and mail your completed claim forms to the concerned office
  • The type of claim will determine the details and the appropriate claim form

Q. How do I request a Cigna ID Card?

You will require a Cigna ID card for your medical, dental, or pharmacy plan.

However, if you’ve lost your Cigna ID card, do not panic. Simply request a new ID card.

Q. How do I register on the MyCigna app?

After learning about the MyCigna app you might want to register for an account in it. To do so, below are the steps to register for an account:

  • First, visit the website of Mycigna at 
  • Next, select the Register tab
  • Here, enter the details of your basic credentials such as name, address, and birth date
  • Next, verify your account. To do this, provide the Cigna ID and Social Security number, and answer the security questions to verify your account
  • At this stage you are required to create a new username and password
  • Finally, review the information you provided before tapping on Submit

You’re all set to log in to Cigna.

Q. Why do I need  My Cigna Card?

The Cigna card identifies your membership when you visit a facility belonging to My Cigna’s Medical Provider Network. With the My Cigna Membership, you will not have to make any direct payment for the medical care you receive.

Q. Will I have a free choice of hospital and doctors within Cigna’s Medical Service?

Yes, you can choose the services approved by Cigna at your discretion. To put it simply, you can choose your doctor or specialist, provided he/she belongs to Cigna’s Medical Provider Network.

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